Java for the Real World Video Course

Since I published my Java for the Real World eBook, I’ve received several inquires about providing the learning material via video. I will admit I am still skeptical in general about video, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and make a video course. I’ve published the course at Udemy, a site I’ve used and enjoyed in the past.

An image of my video at Udemy

The content of the video course is very similar to the book. We cover:

  • The JVM
  • Build tools
  • Testing
  • Spring
  • Web Application Frameworks
  • Web Application Deployment
  • Data Access
  • Logging

I walk through the code examples projects that are on GitHub and describe how to use the various tools in the application.

I hope that the combination of an eBook and a video course will help get the knowledge out to more people. The world of Java is intimidating, so get started today!

Click here to learn Java for the Real World!

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