One Year of My Workout Data

Penn Jillette would say that there are two kinds of people in the world: skinny fucks and fat fucks. While he places himself in the latter category, I am definitely part of team skinny fuck. Around this time last year I started casually lifting weights. In typical LTD fashion, I also started tracking my weight and workouts.

This chart shows my body weight gain, approximately 10% over the year.Body weight line graphAs for my workouts, I tracked the exercise, amount of weight, and number of reps. I don’t know what the standard is for recording free weight, but I made my recordings “per limb” so that a bench press of 30lbs means 30lbs per arm. Any days where I skipped a particular exercise were marked as 0lbs. (Mouseover to highlight.)
One thing this graph hides is the number of reps. For example, the transition from 10 reps of 20lbs to 5 reps of 25lbs. This is the same graph except with the y-axis showing the weight multiplied by the number of reps.
I’m still tracking my data and next year I’ll be able to do an update with double the data!

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