Make Your Own Text Adventure With Python: The Book

I’m happy to announce that my popular blog post on writing your own text adventure in Python has been turned into a book!

Make Your Own Text Adventure With Python

The book is just over 100 pages long and assumes no prior knowledge of Python. It also expands on the tutorial by including some significant additional features, such as:

  • An easier and more flexible way to build your world (no text files or reflection!)
  • A game economy where the player can buy and sell items
  • The ability for players to heal during and between fights
  • Difficulty settings to make the game harder or easier

Click here to get the book!

Happy coding!

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Text Adventure With Python: The Book

    1. Phillip Johnson Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      That’s not a feature included in the book, but the game is pretty customizable so it should be pretty simple to add. I think you could define an XP amount for each enemy and then update the player’s total XP each time they kill an enemy. You could also add HP boosts, damage multipliers, etc. based on the player’s level. Enjoy!

  1. Jeremiah Ray

    Hey, I’ve been trying to purchase your book off Leanpub. but every time I hit pay it says transaction can’t be processed.. any help?

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